Minco2 Additions, the basic concept

Today I will start to talk about the basic concept in Minco 2.

Initially Minco 1 was based on the idea that every work-time is bound to a task in iCal. This has not changed when Apple introduced Reminders since a reminder is equal to a task.


It was a great concept since most of the other Time Tracking apps did not integrate with iCal or Reminders. The drawback was that without a reminder, Minco was not able to track time.

In Minco 2 this has changed and work-times are alone standing objects which can be associated with additions of different kind.

Currently there are Reminder, Event or a Location additions. A Document Addition is also on the way but we have to check this carefully.

With this concept we can expand the functionality of Minco with any kind of services, local or in the cloud.

Additions can be edited in Minco and there are different options like whether Location additions are added automatically or not.

Of course most of the informations of an addition can be used for export.

Ok, that’s it for today. Next time I will talk on Timelines.



2 thoughts on Minco2 Additions, the basic concept

  1. Personally, I love that Minco 1 had work times tied to an iCal task. Will this functionality remain and if not will you continue to support Minco 1?

  2. Hi Eric,

    You can use Minco 2 as you did before with Minco 1. You will have a list of Reminder (tasks) and you can use them to track time.
    We will keep Minco 1 alive since Minco 2 will not work with Mac OS X < 10.9.

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