Minco2 Timelines, group work together

Timeline is a new therm we will introduce in Minco 2.

Since tracking multiple times at once was a main feature request we were looking for a solution to implement this feature without making reports inconsistent.

With Minco 2 you can track multiple times at once if you split your tasks on multiple timelines. This makes sense for us since you can run a test on timline 1 and simultaneously work on something else on Timeline 2.

Of course you can deactivate the multi tracking features, so when you start a new work-time, any other running work-times are automatically stopped.



Another nice feature with timelines is that you can define a goal per day and per month. The goal can be used to display the remaining time until you have achieved the goal in the counter display.

You can also define a default revenue, a currency and a client for each timeline. Yes there is also multi currency support but I will talk on this another time.


Selecting the timeline you are working on can be done manually, or Minco can switch the timelines automatically based on your current location.


Ok, that’s all for today, next time I will talk on multi-currency support.


4 thoughts on Minco2 Timelines, group work together

  1. Hi Romans, no currently it’s not on our todo list.

  2. Timelines looks like a good way to track multiple items at once, but will I be able to “collapse” the separate timelines down to an “actual time worked” display?

    What about the daily goal, will I be able to select between a “billable hours” goal or an “actual hours” goal?

  3. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I assume Minco offers the functionality you are looking for. It is possible to display all work times together and individually.
    For the Goal I am not sure. Are you thinking to have a “global” goal and a goal tied to each timeline.

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