Minco 2 Update – Redesign of a world-class app

Today I was able to make my first build and tested Minco 2 on another Mac.

Update 04.04.14: Do not read this, it was a April fools.

I am very proud that I got the idea to rethink the design and functionality to make an absolutely awesome product.
It’s really easy for everyone to use and we think you will like it.

There is everything in what you need for a hard working day.

Some of the core features are.

5 timer can be started at a time ( You can also start a timer randomly so you don’t need to care on what you are doing ).
Import a task and export it when you are done. (It will only take you 5 minutes )
User function 1 : a button to display an alert so you can say that you are still working on a thing.
User function 2: to move the window to another position to keep Minco out of view.


Additional we have implemented a great feature set which you can access right in one window.
One of the features we are very proud is the syncing functionality. You can start endless syncing in the background until your Mac die and with stop syncing, you can prevent the system to overheat if ever you change your mind.
And of course, there is the multi currency support that you can change your currency every day.
I am really happy that we finally have the ultimate time tracker for millions of users and will offer it for only $99.-
Can’t wait until I can give it in your hands. Beta tester will be informed in the next days.
Minco rocks !!!
P.S. We are also working on a companion app for the Nokia’s 5110



3 thoughts on Minco 2 Update – Redesign of a world-class app

  1. Hey i love the random task start feature and ability to work on multiple billable projects at a time. It really fits well into my work-flow. 😉

  2. Hi Romans,

    I am also using this feature permanently before I use “Delete all my tasks and let me sleep”. 🙂


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