6 thoughts on Tubbler Version 1.4 Release Notes

  1. Is this supposed to work without Flash installed? Because I don’t have Flash Player on my Macbook Pro, and Tubbler doesn’t manage to load any video…

  2. Yes Tubbler will work without Flash too.
    You will have to change the Player Mode to Streaming.

    Menu ->Tubbler ->Player Mode -> Streaming

  3. Will celmaro work and download on dsi xl if it dosnt is there enything like flash player to download on dsi xl?

  4. No,

    Our Software is exclusively for OS X and iOS.

  5. Is the streaming formal HTML5? Youtube vids in HTML5 used to play fine on the site, but now are apparently blocked for vids with ads… but they seem to play OK in Tubbler sans ads.


  6. Yes, we are using the standard HTML5 streaming from the YouTube website.

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