Webbla 1.5.5 finally available on the Mac App Store

Webbla 1.5.5 is finally available on the App Store after a long time and we are really happy for this.

The new version should fix all the glitches with Lion and brings Delicious and Pinboard support to the App Store.

Users who have requested a non App Store license in the last weeks are free to switch back to the Mac App Store version or continue to use the retrieved license.

We have also released an update for the non App Store version which will fix some small problems and bring Webbla on the same level with the App Store version.

This is not all what we have done in the last weeks.

We are working hard on a major update which will have a beautiful new interface, and lots of other improvements and new features. Our main goal is to adapt all the new technologies OS X offers and make Webbla the top notch bookmark manager for the Mac.

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