21 thoughts on Minco Version 1.3.5 Release Notes

  1. Actually Apple rejected Minco 1.3.4 as of the functionality to write CSV files in the ~/Documents/ folder and we are in discussion with Apple since Minco offer this feature since the beginning of the MAS.
    If you would like to get a license for the non MAS version you can contact us.


  2. Hi, I`m having some troubles with the product since its last update to Version 1.3.5. Please contact me for more info…

  3. Hi I’m having issues with mince not showing the time it has already counted…
    A bug? Or did i screw up in the settings?

    I’m on 1.3.3, the last MAS version.

    Regards, Harald

  4. Hi Harald,

    Please can you try with Minco 1.3.5 you can download on our website.
    If this will solve the problem or if we have to see for a other solution please let me know.

    Best, Marc

  5. Hi Marc,

    At first glance it seems resolved, mince is now counting again and i can set the starting time again.

    Regards Harald

  6. Hi Harald,

    Glad to hear that your problem is solved.

    Best, Marc

  7. Hi Marc,

    My trial license is expired of the 1.3.5 release. Since i bought the mac app store version 1.3.3. but that is buggy. What are my options for licensing now?


  8. Hi Harald,

    Send me a prove of purchase your name and an email address and I will send you a license for the non App Store version of Minco you can use in the meanwhile until the updates arrive in the App Store.


  9. Hi Marc,

    I am trying to learn out to use Minco, but am having some problems. I have setup four new calendars in iCal (iCloud calendars) to track four different projects. Minco is not showing any of these calendars on the Preferences “Calendar” page. I have checked on icloud to make sure the calendars were sync’d between my Mac and iCloud, and they are.

    What am I doing wrong here? What is the trick to get Minco to recognize my calendars.


    — Bennett

  10. Hi Bennett,

    With Lion and iCloud Apple has split up calendar in Reminder Lists and (Event) Calendar.

    If you have created an normal calendar in iCal you will not be able to add any tasks in iCal or Minco.
    To create a “Reminder” calendar to handle tasks you must create a Reminder List in iCal.

    If you have any further questions please let me know.

    Best, Marc

  11. I really like this product and its a shame that Apple has not accepted the update, I hope there is a way to work around it, so that we contine getting updates from this amazing and very useful program.

  12. Hey,
    could you integrate with CC’s “Things”?
    Using the beta version and want to summarize spent time by area and project – via .csv would be fine, but the beta does only export the items to one single reminder.

  13. Hi Pascal,

    Minco should work well with Things together.

    Please drop me a mail concerning “only export the items to one single reminder” that we can discuss more in detail.


  14. Thanks Kevin,

    We are waiting daily on the approval or that Apple give us feedback on the newest submission.


  15. Has Minco been tested on Mountain Lion? I understand Apple has changed the iCal API, and some time tracking apps that rely on iCal no longer work.

  16. We are working now on Mountain Lion for some month and Minco is working fine.

    There will be also an update which will make use of the new API in Mountain Lion and an Minco version for iOS which will seamlessly sync with the desktop version.

  17. Minco is syncing Reminder in both directions. If this is not working on your Mac please let me know.

    We will consider to add further adapter in a later update but currently it’s not planned.

  18. I tested Minco before Mountain Lion and it worked well with Things. I am thinking of trying again with it, but I want my tasks to stay within Things and get timed through Minco before completion. Is this possible still? It implies that the integration requires everything to go through Reminders, and I want to retain the log book of my Things task management, but add times to each task through Minco (in a separate format is fine, rather than writing to Things, which I know it won’t do).

    I liked what it did before, but I’m not sure since the Reminders change now how it interacts with Things.

  19. Minco is still working with applications supporting Mac OS X Reminders but with Things 2.x Cultured Code is supporting Reminder Lists only for adding tasks.

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