Minco2 Some more details.

OK, not the promised insight on Extensions but some more other interesting details.

Many from you will be happy to see that Minco got an option to display time and revenue in the menu bar.  I was not really a fan of it since it consumes precious space in the system menu bar and I tend to get quick distracted from anything moving on my screen, but finally it’s there.

At first we thought about a custom design but opted out to keep it consisted with the operating system. (It’s the new icon on the left side)





You will find the option in the Preferences and it will show you exactly the same information as defined for the counter display.



The counter display options got a own panel and should cover everything you need.



Another way to get a hint on time spend and I really like this one, is if you minimise the Minco window to stay in the Dock. You will get an awesome time display which keep you up to date.




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