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Hello and happy Easter to all.
Today I will not talk on Easter eggs but on notifications available in Minco.

So fare we have 3 kind of notifications in Minco 2 and you may now some of them from before.

What are you working on notification.

This is a neat feature if you want to be reminded if your counter is not counting anything.

As before you can set a delay after Minco will remind you. New in Minco 2 is that you can activate this feature for each timeline separate and that you will have an option to snooze for a delay or to disable further notification until you continue to work.


Idle notifications.

Minco allows you to activate idle detection and to define an idle time. If there are no activities detected or your computer go to sleep or shut down all running work-times will switch automatically to idle state and can be resumed on another device (iOS).

If you (re)activate Minco before idle time has been reached, the work-times will automatically resume or Minco will give you options how you can proceed.


Extension Issue Notification.

In Minco 2 we decided not to present the yellow waring symbol in the counter display in case of any automatic export in the background issues. Instead you will get slightly changes in the menu bar icon and a notification which can be switched off.

So fare for today. Next time I will talk on extensions as promised before.




9 thoughts on Minco2 Notifications

  1. Just wondering:

    – suppose I use same account for work and then in the evening to watch movies. While it’s great that Minco bothers me during work time, those notifications coming up when I watch the movie in the evening is not a best thing. Currently one way is to configure ControlPane to close Minco outside of business hours.

    – will Minco collect any sort of work statistics? For example, if I didn’t switch the timer on and work on something for 2 hours – it would be great to see how those 2 hours were spent in case I want to allocate tho time towards a client.

    Another big problem is when working on a task and being distracted by another task, forgetting to switch “minco” to new role. I am not sure how this one could be solved though.

  2. Hi Romans,
    Thanks for your comment.

    Since Minco is using OS X Notifications you could turn on “Do Not Disturb” to stop getting notifications.
    You could also switch the timeline to one with “Not Counting” notifications disabled.
    Another but more painful way would be to accept one notification and hitting close. If you don’t click the Snooze button Minco will stop bothering you with notifications until you start working again.

    Minco is not collecting work statistics at this time. You could start a new work-times and turn back the start time.
    With the document addition which is in work it will be possible to set the start time of a new created task automatically to the time when the document has been opened.

    The third point could only be covered if Minco is aware of the documents you are working on and able to assign them to a task.

  3. Are there any news of when to expect the beta? There were several announcements of the beta starting soon.

  4. Hi Flo,

    I know it’s a long time and we have promised to start the beta in March.
    For me too it’s unbelievable that I have continued to work so long on Minco again.
    Just last week I have spend several hours to optimise CPU, memory and energy impact.
    My current plan is to start the beta this week, but please don’t be angry if ever it will become next week.



  5. No stress from my side. Just was wondering a bit. But of course it’s the most important thing that Minco 2 will be stable and fast. Looking forward to the beta (and of course the final product).

  6. Thanks for your words.
    I am trying my best not to get stresst but the expectations for the 2.0 version are very high and we are trying to make a really awesome app.
    It’s over 3 years now that I have started to work on Minco 2. During this time I have started about 4 times completely from scratch when I reached the point where I was not completely satisfied.

  7. Hey Marc

    I know first hand how it is to release a product to the public of thousands of users. The stress is big and you want to try and get everything right to make a good first impression.

    While we do want to get our hands on the software – we also respect that you’re putting effort in perfecting it, even if we have to wait another month. You’re not a huge company with ship deadlines, so take your time to finalize and those blog posts about new features are quite interesting, so keep them coming.

    I would also recommend some sort of “signup for release” newsletter on your main page, and when you finally have the software – email everyone with a link to app store. This is so that you don’t loose the momentum. I hope you’re being productive and not distracted.

  8. Hi Romans,
    Thanks for your comment.
    It’s truly not easy to get a 2.0 version out.

    Thanks for your recommendation. I was thinking to setup something up but did not find the time for now.
    No, I am really productive even that I currently stick on a serious bug which I found during excessive tests with EventKit.

    Will keep everybody up to date.


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