Minco 1 and Mavericks

We are constantly testing our software with the newest builds of OS X but in case of  Mavericks there seems to be an issue we did not recognise.

After excessive testing in the last days we have made some modification and compiled Minco base on the Mavericks SDK. This seams to fix most of the problems like sporadic quitting.

Unfortunately there is still an issue which can slow down the Mac if you have lots of events in Calendar with an associated iCloud account. The problem is that Calendar is producing console warnings when an application access the CalendarStore API. This is not only a Minco related problem. User reported us that they are getting the issue with Bento and other applications too. I already filled a bug at Apple and hope that they will find a solution with the next release.

We have considered and started to exchange the current CalendarStore API with the new EventKit but this turned out to become an extensive change of code and will break support for older OS X versions too.

If ever you are affected from an issue using Mavericks please let us know that we can provide you help and access to a modified version.

Update (13.11.2013):

Apple confirmed the Mavericks console messages problem. There was already an open ticket concerning the issue and they are working on.

Update (16.01.2014):

Finally, and with the help from our user we where able to release Minco 1.5 wich improves the compatibility to Mavericks.

If you will have still problems with version 1.5 we suggest to check the OS X Privacy settings if Minco is enabled for Calendar and Reminders access.

If ever Minco is not visible you can reset the privacy settings in the Terminal:

tccutil reset Calendar
tccutil reset Reminders

When you start Minco you will be asked if you agree that Minco access your Reminders and Calendar.





23 thoughts on Minco 1 and Mavericks

  1. Hi folks,

    since I really enjoy using Minco, I am happy to see that this problem with sporadic quitting under OS X 10.9 is already being worked on. Would you please provide me with the modified version you mentioned? I have no backward compatability issues and will be happy to have Minco running properly on Mavericks.

    Btw., were there also issues reported on items losing track of the accumulated time? Had one this morning.

    Thanks & best,


  2. Hi Boris,

    I just send you the link to the modified version.
    Yes, I think the accumulated time problem is also related to Mavericks and will be fixed.

    Thanks Marc

  3. Hi,

    Do you plan to publish Mavericks version? Do you plan to send it to AppStore?

    Actually I’d like to update mine so if the update will come shortly I can wait a bit, otherwise please send me the link also.


  4. I’have the same problem with Maverick OSX.
    Another problem is that Minco start on OSX startup but when I click on clock icon on menu bar software not run.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Nazar,

    I would like to do so but since the current version is not sandboxed (we are using Apple script for some adapter) Apple would not approve it.
    The link I have just send in a separate mail.

    Thanks Marc

  6. I have the issue with Mavericks where it crashes on each calendar update. I can send you receipt if you need. I have bought it througt app store and can not use the software at all! Please allow me access to Minco 2 beta or to the updated version with a license code.

  7. Hi Marc,

    we really enjoy Minco and are waiting for the Mavericks version.
    Please send us the link to the modified version.

    Thanks Markus

  8. Quick question, and sorry for being in the wrong topic but I don’t know if the older post comments are read. Anyways, my inquiry is about Webbla 2 that was mentioned 9 months or so ago as being in “advanced stages of development.”

    Before I get too wordy a few main point questions:

    – Those screenshots I inquired about that were going to be posted in the coming days, no big deal you forgot but can I/we please see them?

    – Is Webbla going to see an update in the next couple of months?

    – I am about to move away from the idea of Webbla completely but I don’t like inflicting discomfort on myself so I will gladly welcome any and all positive news and announcements.

    – Would you mind allowing me to beta test the app? As someone with a bit of experience doing so with other apps and services as well as holding a license to Webbla and using it daily or nearly 4 years.

    Thanks and again sorry for posting in the wrong thread. If you prefer to move this/delete and respond in the previous topic I will gladly check there over the next week or so.

    Thanks again and happy holidays, Cheers!

  9. Thanks for your comment.

    We really arrived at a advanced product development about 9 month ago but where not able to devote the needed time to finalise version 2.
    In the meanwhile we got plenty of new ideas we would like to include and since Apple is releasing major OS X updates every year there are more advanced frameworks and functions we can use. It’s a little bit like we are caught in a trap of product development circle unable to complete a final product.

    In 2014 we will definitively devote more time in development and try to come up with version 2 in the next couple of month.
    We have also planned to give more infos ( including screenshots) on product development state and will release more regular and frequently updates after the 2.0 versions are released.

    As soon as we are ready with a first beta version I will let you know.

    Thanks and happy holidays.

  10. Hi,
    will v2 include de “What are you working on ?” feature ?
    I’d like to join your beta testers.
    Could you add me on your liste ?


  11. Yes,

    There will be a “What are you working on ?” feature included.
    It’s also not necessarily to create a reminder to log spontaneous activities.

    I have added you to the beta list.

    Thanks, Marc

  12. Hi Marc,

    If I bought the current version of Webbla today, how much would it cost to upgrade to Webbla 2? Or, in other words, would you recommend me to wait for the forthcoming version?

    Kind regards, Simon

  13. Hi Simon,

    our upgrade policy to Webbla will be very user friendly (free for user which purchased Webbla during the last year or maybe even longer).
    So if you would like to purchase you don’t need to care an any upgrade fees.

    Best regards,


  14. Hi Marc,

    would you be so kind as to send me the link as well?

    Many thanks!

  15. Hi Tom,

    finally the Mavericks compatible version was officially released.
    You can download it on our website. If there are still issues in your case please let me know.

    Best, Marc

  16. Hi Marc,

    If I bought the current version of Minco today, how much would it cost to upgrade to Minco 2?
    I’m a Maveriks user, and I’m waiting for a stable solution for iCal sync


  17. Hi Luca,

    You will get Minco 2 for free and I promise until we are ready it will not take too long.

    The App Store version can have an issue with Mavericks so I would like to suggest you to use the newest version from our website.
    Please contact me by mail that I can register a license for you.



  18. Hallo,
    Before the update to Mavericks I used Minco 1.3.7 every day and have been very satisfied. Now there are Problems with suddenly quitting and not counting my tasks as described above.

    You wrote, that there is an official Version 1.5, which solves the problems. Where can I download the update? I can’t find it on your website. Can you please send a Link?


  19. Hi,

    It’s the official version you can download from our website.
    If you have purchased Minco in the Mac App Store please send me a mail that I can send you an activation key.

    Thanks Marc

  20. I am very disappointed with the minco app! It is advertised as a “seamless” way to track your time, but I am not the case. Spending $14.99 on an app that does not sync with calendar and is harder to set up than an ikea furniture is not necessary “seamless”. I am running Minco 1.3.7 on Mavericks and it has been a terrible experience! Some help would be nice….or my money back!

  21. Hi Eduardo, Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience.
    Where do you have exactly the problem and what would you like to do. Of course software which is integrating with Reminders and Calendar will need a little bit setup as well.
    If you are interested in further help please drop me a mail.

    Best, Marc

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