Minco 2 for Mac – First Look (Part II)

Some more screenshots to give you an idea on what we are working and to shorten the time until release.

Hope you like it, Minco 2 will be amazing.

This is the place where you can selecta reminder (tasks), running or upcoming events, contacts and more.

If there is no entry satisfying your search you can create a new work time titled with the text in the search field.


In the journal you can see the running and completed work time. Popovers give you more details.


Set the start time ,end time or duration of a work time with ease.


You can add or remove related addition at any time.


To display specific work times you can list them related to reminder, contacts … and define your own group.


Preference panel where you define addition details.


84 thoughts on Minco 2 for Mac – First Look (Part II)

  1. Does Minco works fine with Mavericks?
    I must change my loved software TimeLog, because there is no more Mavericks Support. Whats about Minco, are u shure that i dont waste my time and money?

  2. …something in MAvericks with the Communication between apps inside the OSX because of iCal seems to be bad. Apple seems to quit the intern Communication of iCal. The bad Apples wants us to put our ical data into the CLOUD!

  3. Minco 1.4 routinely “quits” on my installation of Mavericks too. I have not gone looking for crash logs but have been wondering why/when it is happening.

    I would love to beta test the new version. Please add me to the list?

    BTW, in a law firm environment, the ability to track time in, and round up to, tenths of an hour, would be VERY useful. If you’re taking feature requests.

  4. Hi Torsten,

    I am currently investigating unexpected behaviours which occurred for some user after there switch to Mavericks. You can download and try Minco from our website so see if it work for you. Minco 2 wich will follow soon is completely new rewritten and basset of the latest frameworks.

  5. I am not aware of this problem. We are still free to keep our calendars local. If you have any questions send me a mail and I can discuss with you more in detail.

  6. Hi Trevor,
    Please can you try to download a fresh copy of Minco to see if this help in your case.

    I will add you to the beta list. Round up functionality is planned.
    Thanks Marc

  7. I downloaded the version on the web site. It is the same file date, time and size as the one I had installed, but I overwrote the one I had with the fresh download anyway. I will let you know if the “quitting” behaviour goes away.

  8. Hello
    Been using Minco since it came out and love it. I am having the Mavericks quitting issue. Can you please add me to the beta test?

  9. The irritating problem with Minco shutting down on Mavericks keeps occuring when i update/refresh in iCal with iCloud! Please fix ASAP! I can not update to 1.4 because i bought Minco in App Store and there it is 1.3.7 and if i install 1.4 from the website it needs a license key!

  10. Minco “quit” again overnight for some reason. It was on when I left, not running when I returned this morning (or, at least, the icon was no longer in the top-right menu bar.

  11. Mavericks: Minco quits silently every time while oder when I start iCal.
    TimeTracking is saved until this point.

    I could send you at least 6 crash-logs.

    “Application Specific Information:
    *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** -[__NSPlaceholderDictionary initWithObjects:forKeys:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[0]’
    abort() called
    terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException”


  12. aha! Yes, Gunnar seems to have the right information. I just confirmed that opening iCal (aka Calendar.app) DOES cause Minco to quit on my Mavericks system too.

  13. On an unrelated note, Minco has always had a very irritating bug: When entering a description in the “note” field, Minco will frequently discard what has been typed and revert to what was in the note field a few seconds before. This can happen 2 or 3 times in a row if I spend long enough typing in the field. I do not think it happens more than 3 times each time I try to enter text there though. Sometimes it does not happen at all. Irritating because it forces me to re-type frequently.

  14. It is ridiculously frustrating with the bugs! After a crash the last Minco session is prolonged and it wrecks everything. Like now my 15 minute session was logged as 2 days and several hours. Now the software is worthless!

  15. Minco does not even launch for me on Mavericks! I have downloaded it again to make sure, but it simply does not work. On top of that my requests for support on the Minco support page have NOT been replied to. You need to get it together for your PAYING customers. This is just unacceptable. If I don’t hear back from you within the next day I will be taking it uip with my credit card company.

  16. Hi Alastair,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying our best to figure out what can be the problem. For now we are not able to reproduce the problem but are making different tests with different configurations on different Macs.

  17. Sorry for that,

    we are still working on a solution. You should be able to correct the work-time by changing the end time of the work-time event in Calendar.
    As soon as we have a fix for the problem I will let you know.

  18. I assume this is related with update notifications from the Reminder app. Since Apple replaced the CalendarStore Framework with the new EventKit which will be used in Minco 2 the problem should not exist anymore.

  19. Is there a release date set for Minco 2? For now, I can´t edit Adapter settings in 1.4 on Mavericks.

  20. We have planned to come up with the first beta in november but with the Mavericks issue we lost a lot of time.
    The adapter setting issue is unknown for me. Please drop me a mail with some more details that we can try to fix it.

    Thanks, Marc

  21. Hi folks,

    very happy that you are working on the issues at hand.
    if there is any beta testing planned for minco2… count me in.
    happy to help – this has been such a nice tool in the past.

  22. Hi Sebastian,

    I have added you to our beta list and let you know when we are ready.


  23. Hi Marc,
    I’m looking for something to move on to from Timelog. It’s really important for me to be able to use ical as a means to enter time in addition to whatever interface might be provided by minco2. I have heard that Apple has changed things so much in the CalDAV APIs so much in Mavericks that i’ts very difficult to work with. What I really need to know is are you guy committed to maintining a native iCal interface? If so, then great! Please add me to the beta group if it’s still an option. If not, please would you post update regarding when we might be able to access a GA version?


  24. We will still support native Calendar (iCal) / Reminders integration in further version since it’s a main functionality of Minco to integrate with other applications.
    The difficulty is the switch from Calendar Store to Event Kit which means that older OS X versions previous Mountain Lion are not supported anymore.

    Unfortunately there are still some glitches in Event Kit and since Mavericks we got problems with Calendar Store too.

    I will add you on the beta list and let you know when I am able to provide you a first version.

  25. Hi there,

    Looking forward to the release of Minco 2. Was using Timelog and with Mavericks that program doesn’t work anymore. Minco 1 crashes one or two time a day on my system. So can you tell me something about the release date?

    Will you add me to the beta list and let me know when a first version is ready.

  26. Thanks for letting us know.

    Concerning Minco 1 crashes please try the newest version 1.5 which should solve the problem.

    I will add you to the beta list and let you know when we are ready.

  27. Hi celmaro,

    at first: I really like minco and i am looking forward to the new version. Maybe yout can add me to the beta, too.

    But actually I’ve got some problems.
    At first: My 1.37-Version (with Maverics 10.9) crashes some times a day and I can’t update to 1.5 because this version isn’t available on the appstore.
    An then I can’t export my csv-files any more. Equally what I edit in the adapter field, it ends with the massage “Problem while writing CSV records. The folder doesn’t exist.” Even when i only try to write the csv to the documents-folder I’ve got the same result. Where’s the problem?

    I would be glad about yout help. Thanks,


  28. Hi Reinhard,

    Thanks. I will add you to the beta list and let you know.

    Concerning your Problem with Minco 1.37. Please download the latest version from our website which should solve your problem. I can provide you a license you can use in the meanwhile until the App Store version is up to date.

    I assume that your second problem will be resolved too but if ever the problem will resist let me know.



  29. Hi guys,

    I’m currently evaluating Minco 1.5, and I really love it. Minco 2, however, looks even more amazing :o) When is Minco2 going to be released? Could you include me in the beta test for it?

    Keep up the amazing work.

  30. Hi Boris,

    Our plan is to release the first beta until the end of the month.

    I will add you to the beta list and let you know when we are ready.



  31. Hi guys,
    First I want to thank you for this great tool! I’am about to buy Minco 1.5 in the App Store. Should I wait to buy version 2?
    Thanks again, MINCO IS WONDERFUL!


  32. Hi Matias,

    Thanks for your comment.
    Normally there is no big difference if you buy 1.5 or if you wait on version 2.
    We have plans to give free licenses for user purchased during the last 12 month.


  33. Thanks Marc, I could not resist .. I’ve purchased Minco shortly after my first post…

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