Minco 2 for Mac – First Look (Part II)

Some more screenshots to give you an idea on what we are working and to shorten the time until release.

Hope you like it, Minco 2 will be amazing.

This is the place where you can selecta reminder (tasks), running or upcoming events, contacts and more.

If there is no entry satisfying your search you can create a new work time titled with the text in the search field.


In the journal you can see the running and completed work time. Popovers give you more details.


Set the start time ,end time or duration of a work time with ease.


You can add or remove related addition at any time.


To display specific work times you can list them related to reminder, contacts … and define your own group.


Preference panel where you define addition details.


84 thoughts on Minco 2 for Mac – First Look (Part II)

  1. Awsome!
    Is there any roadmap or release date?

  2. Would also like to know a rough estimate when it is going to be released. Looks very cool so far.

  3. Nice job! Will Minco 2 be linked to iCal and/or Reminders? If not I would love to see an iPad and iPhone counter part that syncs with the Mac version.

  4. Any chance you can add support either in the notes or in the url for file links?

  5. Yes Minco will be linked with iCal (Calendar) and Reminders and there will be also an iOS app syncing with the Mac.

  6. We have done all the basic work and assum that we are ready in summer this year.

  7. Its seems to be exactly what I’m looking for.
    Hope it will be available soon.
    If you need alpha and beta tester…

  8. I am relying on minco more and more. The new version and the iOS version will be most appreciated. The interface from my macs to iCal has made time tracking so much better. Trust me, I’ve tried a billion ways to track billable tkme over 3 decades and this, by far, is the best. Thanks!

  9. The new version looks really great. If a task is split into multiple day/time fragments over the period of let’s say a week, will it support the Notes you have added to the calendar item (i.e. the detailed description of what work was done for that task segment) to be transferred to the CSV files? I tried with the current version but could only get the notes which are attached to the task itself.

  10. Thanks Juergen,

    In Minco 2 you have a note field for each work-time.
    I think this is what you are looking for.

    Best, Marc

  11. Hello Marc, any news on the release date for the v2.x ?

  12. Hi Juergen,

    WWDC is every year an event which let us dig in new technologys and reconsider functionality of our apps. Apple has also announced improvements of iCloud which we would like to integrate in Minco (but I am still investigating if they got it finally work).
    Let me know if you are interested that I add you to our beta list and I will send you a version as soon as we are ready.


  13. If you’re looking for beta testers you can put me on the list.

  14. Hello Marc.
    Thank you very much for your reply. As I am involved into database programming since the past 25 years (4D), I know how important beta tests are. Would be glad to help you improve your fantastic app by putting it through it’s paces.
    So, YES please add me to your beta test list.

  15. Hi Marc,

    would be cool if you add me to the beta list, too.

  16. You are welcome, added you on the beta list.

  17. Hi Juergen,

    Thanks I added you to the list.


  18. Hello Marc. Thank you. Will you please let me know where to download the beta version, or how to deal with it?
    Regards Juergen

  19. With the new iOS 7 we have to do a lot of redesign to adapt the new UI guidelines.

    If you are interested in a preview version (beta) when we are ready let me know.



  20. @Michael

    Thanks I added you to the list and will let you know.


  21. anxiously awaiting the new version. Can tasks be put into categories to accumulate? I am a teacher who coaches other teachers, fixes tech, researches for resources, tests resources, writes up and implements the results.

  22. Yes, Minco 2 will have contexts which can be compared with categories.

  23. Hey Marc,
    will there also be a feature to add “missed” times?

    Yes, would also beta-testing.

    Cheers, Gunnar

  24. Ok, now I read the previous Blogposts.
    So my question seems to be answered πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait to test it!
    Using minco since.. 1.0? Best tool!


  25. Are there any news (beta start, product launch) you can give? Eagerly waiting… πŸ™‚

  26. Hi Flo,
    I am currently working on the Extension (former Adapter) Editor and Minco 2 looks more and more complete but I can not give you an exact date.
    As soon as I am ready I will inform all interested in beta testing and currently on my list.

  27. Hi Gunnar,

    Thanks, I am glad to hear this.
    I have added you on the beta list.

  28. Thanks Nick,

    I have added you to the beta list.

  29. I just recently bought Minco 1 and use it every day. Great App!
    Minco 2 looks even better! Are you already beta testing it? I would love to join in… 

    Best regards

  30. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for that. I will add you to the beta list and let you know when I am ready.

  31. I’d love to help test as well. Am a beta tester for other (much larger) apps, but can put minco 2 thru its paces in a small three person office

  32. Hi,

    you are welcome. I added you to the beta list and let you know when we are ready.

    Thanks, Marc

  33. Hi Sascha,

    I can’t give you an exact date but it will not take to long. I am currently working on the extensions (former output adapter) and this should be the last part I have to finalise before we can start with the beta.

  34. I just updated my mac to mountain lion. Now I am having trouble editing my tasks and adding tasks for the past…..

  35. Minco doesn’t seem to be communicating with calendar now when I edit events in Calendar on the Mac, after my update to Mountain Lion….

  36. Hi,

    There is no known issue with Mountain Lion. Maybe we have to check the preference settings.


  37. Minco now crashes when iCal and Minco are both up on the new Mac OS (Mavericks). Are you guys working on a bug fix for this?

  38. I got two other user having issues with Mavericks but I am currently not able to reproduce it.
    If you have more detailed information (e.g. steps to reproduce, console messages) please send it by mail.

    I will do my best to fix the issue.

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