Plug Spy meets Boxcar

With Plug Spy 1.2.1 we have included native Boxcar support which makes it possible to send notifications to your iPhone or any other device supporting Boxcar without using Growl.

This is a big leap forward and really handy to use. To get Plug Spy work with Boxcar you need a Boxcar account if you not already have one.

In your Boxcar account go to “Add Services” and add Plug Spy to your notification list. The only thing you will have to do in Plug Spy is to activate Boxcar notifications in the preferences and to enter the email address you are registered in the Boxcar settings panel.

Initially we where considering¬†to provide a own iPhone App to handle Plug Spy notifications but with Boxcar on your side there is nothing our App could do better. Even better you don’t need to start an other App on your iPhone if you are still using Boxcar or maybe you will start using Boxcar for other notifications too.

We have submitted an update for the Mac App Store but it’s currently not improved by Apple. Please let us know if you have purchased Plug Spy in the App Store and are looking for the newest features that we can try to help you.

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  1. Hi

    Why can’t I get the snapshot thats taken from the computer and sent to my app (boxcar)? Its only a message in text, no picture…it would be great if the computer gets stolen so I can go to police with my phone a show the picture

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