Webbla 1.5.1 Released

We have just released Webbla 1.5.1 the first version we consider to name a non beta with integrated Delicious and Pinboard support.

It was a long and hard way to get all working since Webbla was not designed from ground to add sharing functionality.

There are a lot of things we would like to add or to improve in Webbla but it seems more useful for us to concentrate on a completely new written Webbla 2 which will be build on all our experience we have made in the last years and will use the newest Mac OS X features.

Webbla 1.5.1 will be submitted to Apple for Mac App Store approval in the next days so that it hopefully arrive before the end of the year.

2 thoughts on Webbla 1.5.1 Released

  1. Daear Cemaro Team,

    I love Webbla. I’ve tested it and it worked great. Than I purchased it in the AppStore an now I’m really disappointed, because the only reason for me to use this tool was the delicous sync, and as I see, that feature isn’t available in the app-store version. So, when can I expect the update to appear in the app-store?


  2. We have started to submit Webbla 1.5.x at the beginning of December last year and are waiting still on approval by Apple.
    Apple is more and more strict with there App Store rules and we got some difficult since we have made a lot of changes in the latest version.

    If you send us a mail with your purchase details I can send you a license for the non App Store version of Webbla you can use in the meanwhile until 1.5.2 finally arrives in the App Store.

    I hope this will help and sorry for the disagreeableness.

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