Webbla Google Chrome Support

Webbla 1.5 will support Google Chrome, but if you are looking for the missing Apple Script to open bookmarks from Webbla 1.4.x in Chrome here the missing script .

To use the script in Webbla 1.4.x add a new AppleScript in Preferences ->Browser and copy the script below

tell application “Google Chrome”

open location “[@URL]”


end tell

To add the Chrome icon to the script open the info panel from Chrome in the Finder and copy/paste the icon into Webbla.

To support shortcuts and bookmarklets need some programming work and will be available in Webbla 1.5.


6 thoughts on Webbla Google Chrome Support

  1. I get this returned to me when adding the AppleScript above: Expected expression, property or key form, etc. but found unknown token.

  2. I am not a techie, just a housewife who bought Webbla. Please help with problem of error code PreviewCatcher Is missing. I just bough tthe damned thing!

  3. Hi, I assume that the Webbla on your Mac is corrupted. Please try to download a copy of the newest version.

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