Webbla 1.2.2 released

Celmaro says thank you to all his users with version 1.2.2.

We invest a lot of time to improve the Bookmark Grid View which took a lot of recourses in previous versions. The new Grid View is completely rewritten from ground in Core Animation and offers a much better performance with large bookmark libraries.

Normally, we have planned to offer an update with more connectivity at the end of this year which is still in progress. But we have seen that it was more important to make Webbla better with the functionality he offers for today, before we release a new version with extended functionality.

Our next step will be to improve the preview generator and website update functionality and add an activity panel which is planned for the first week 2009. After we will focus completely on connectivity to satisfy a main feature request. Hope this will meet and comply with our users demand.

Thanks to all who have written us feedback and supported us by buying Webbla.

We wish to all Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a peaceful 2009.

May all the wishes come true to make our earth a better and more enjoyable place.

Anique and Marc

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