Webbla 1.2.1 released

Today we released Webbla version 1.2.1 a small update with some bug fixes and the possibility to use bookmarklets within your webbrowser to add bookmarks to Webbla.

To install the bookmarklets, you must open in the preferences, the control panel. There you will find the bookmarklets which you can drag easily to the toolbar of your webbrowser.

Dependent on the webbrowser you use, it may be useful to rename the bookmarklets with something useful as the default name will be lost during the drag operation.

If you use the bookmarklets, Webbla will recognize your text selection in the browser and add it as default note to the new bookmark. No, this is not all what we have done in the last weeks. We are working constantly on our next bigger release and hope to be ready in December.


3 thoughts on Webbla 1.2.1 released

  1. I’ve downloaded Webbla for trial three days ago. It successfully imported Safari bookmarks, then wrote all the previews.
    Then all the thumbnails turned grey. It’s beyond any reasonable explanation. Why do they have to become gray in the first place? How do i turn this option off? This is a major bug for me, because i cant use the thumbs feature, so the only way to see the bookmark is through clicking and watching the preview, and it’s extremely annoying. And second thing — clicking on the preview is working from time to time. Same as scrolling by arrow keys. I believe those are bugs, too.

  2. Also — found one bug. When you change background color in prefs, a standard system color palette appears. then, when you close prefs, it stays on top.
    Also, the link to celmaro website inside About is just text, not a link. It’s not a bug, but definitely not a feature either 🙂
    And why the preview always stands in the right corner? The empty space is useless, i think.
    I’m done 🙂

  3. Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for trying Webbla and for your comments.

    To get the thumbnails in gray (over 50) is only a limitation of our trial version.
    The second thing you have mentioned is a performance issue. While Webbla is generating the page previews in the background it can happen that he don’t get enough time to react properly on selection and scrolling in the thumbnail view. You can optimize the behavior by setting the Website polling mode in the preferences to Moderate. But we are still working on to optimize the performance of Webbla.
    That the color palette stays in top is a standard behavior you will get also in iWeb and other applications.
    The preview is taking the place on the right to give place to show the note on the left. We will give an option in future versions or allow to choose
    what will be displayed on the left (Note,Tags,Statistic …).
    I also will turn our website address in the About panel in a real working link by the time.

    Best regards


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