Introducing our new Logo

Ok, it was really quiet during the last weeks but not for no reason.

First I stumbled again in the iCloud – Core Data trap, since I was still motivated to give it another try. Finally, I opted for a Core Data to document mapping which allows us to use alternative cloud services like DropBox as well. Of course I am also considering to use the new CloudKit but this will have to wait, not to delay the Minco 2 beta again.

Second, there was WWDC with all the new API’s and Mac OS X 10, Yosemite. Like every year, this is a journey in a new world which keeps us away from productive working for some days. This time it was even eves longer trip, since Apple decided to change the look of OS X to a flat design and introduced the new language “Swift”.

At first I was sceptical, but must say that I like it so far. Especially the transparency effects are really awesome and give Yosemite a magical touch.

The all new Yosemite design let me also think about our website and a modernised design.
The first step is our redesigned logo and a new slogan on our website.

“Sunny Mac software” will be replaced by “Mac and iOS software made with passion”.




We did not see the sun many times during the last month and we put so much passion in the development of Minco 2, I think it’s a good change.

Unbelievable how the design of OS X has changed over the years and in my eyes it was always state of the art.





At next, there will be a “Notify Ne” for Minco 2 release page which is already prepared and will be accessible in the next days in the new design.

After the successful start of the beta which is planned for the beginning of next week I will continue to modernise the rest of our site.


2 thoughts on Introducing our new Logo

  1. I have really enjoying learning Swift. Interactive Playground also sounds very tempting. After 20 years in web development, I never been so tempted to switch entirely.

  2. Yes, Swift is really promising, exactly what I was locking for to learn programming to my daughters that I can go in pension. 🙂

    BTW tomorrow I will send out a first beta of Minco 2

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