Plug Spy is a first grade tool to observe your Mac. It activates automatically on screen lock and triggers actions in case of unexpected occurrences. Instant notification on you phone will give you additional security if you leave your Mac alone.

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Instant Protection to Catch a Thief

Plug-Spy is living in the OS X system menu, ready to observe your Mac. Select one of the Action-Sets and you are done. Plug-Spy will activate it’s sensors on screen lock and trigger actions based on predefined rules.

Doing it Your Way

Action-Sets are based on sensors, user-defined rules and resulting activities. No matter if you want to know who is waking your Mac or entering a wrong password in your absence, Plug-Spy can trigger actions dependent on your requirements.

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Sensors and Actions

Sensors currently available are observing the MagSafe adapter, computer power-state, connected screens and login window. Any sensor activity can result in an alert sound, iSight snapshot, local notification, a Boxcar or Pushover message to your phone, or a post on Twitter.

We Like to Hear from You

Regardless if you just heard about Plug-Spy or if you are an existing user. We have always an open ear for your questions, suggestions, and if you need help. We appreciate any feedback and are happy to hear from you.

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What You Should Know


Plug-Spy 2 Mac OS X 10.10 up to macOS Mojave 10.14, Intel-64 Bit

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