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Basic Protection for your MacBook.

Plug-Spy is an instant warning system for your MacBook in case that someone try to take it away or is entering a wrong password in the standard OS X login panel. It's easy to setup and integrates seamlessly with Mac OS X and Apple iCloud "Find my Mac".

There is no additional password or shortcut you have to remember. Plug Spy auto activates when your screen is locked and start an annoying high volume alert sound and send a Growl notification when your MacBook gets unplugged from the MagSafe power adapter.

With access protection enabled, you will also get notified when someone enter a wrong password in the login panel, try to access your MacBook with a different user account, or restart your Mac in Safari Guest mode.

With Boxcar, Pushover or Prowl on your iPhone you can receive the notification right in your phone to initiate further steps.

Plug Spy

Features at a glance

Full compatible

Plug Spy will work with the newest generation of MacBook’s. No Kensington Lock or Sudden Motion Sensor required.

Easy Setup

There are only 4 easy steps to get your MacBook instantly protected without any additional hardware required.

Seamlessly Integration

There is no additional password or shortcut you have to remember. It fully integrates with the standard OS X screen lock.

Growl Support

With Growl installed and activated you can send Growl notification when your MacBook gets unplugged.

Acoustic Alarm

Your MacBook can start an annoying high volume alert sound to drag attention and discourage any further activities. ***


Plug-Spy can try to capture a snapshot from the person in front of your MacBook when it get unplugged.

Automatic Activation

Plug Spy activates automatically when your screen is locked. There are no additional steps to protect your MacBook.

iPhone Notification

Use the Boxcar, Pushover or Prowl App to receive immediately notifications on your iPhone when someone touch your MacBook.

Our Anti-theft policy

Plug-Spy may offer a basic protection for your MacBook but we can not give you any guaranty and are not responsible when your MacBook get stolen.

*** Acoustic Alarm may currently not work on lid close dependent on your configuration. We are working on this…
Requirements: MacBook with MagSafe power adapter, OS: Mac OS X Lion (10.7), Compatibility: Intel-32/64 Bit, Languages: English, German
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