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Capturing work-times is only a click away with Minco on your Mac. Ready to work, Minco sits in your menu bar and is always at your fingertips to start tracking your time. The seamless integration with macOS allows you to create new work-times in a magnificent way.

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A Minimalist Time-Tracker

Minco is stunning lightweight but powerful. Everything is sitting in the right place to give you the information you need without distracting you. The enormous flexible extensions make it a gem of it’s kind. Everything is optimised for Energy efficiency and low CPU and Memory usage.

Your Tasks are Already There

Use existing Reminder, Calendar Events or your current location and start tracking your work-time. With Additions Minco offers you a smart way to integrate with applications and services on your Mac. Ad hoc work-times are created on the fly and are automatically grouped within a context.

Review Your Work

With Reports you can revise your work-times and export them manually. Create daily, weekly, monthly reports and group work-times together. To get a more visual overview use the Calendar extension and review your work-time in the Calendar app.

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Export and Share your Activities

Extensions are configurable output adapter to bring your records in the right format. There is a vast number of settings you can use to export your data. Minco allows you to create multiple extensions to use them for manual and automatic immediate real time export.

Calendar Extension

Visualize your work-times in Calendar or share it with others

Web Extension

Connect with a webserver and send put or get request.

CSV Extension

Write your work-times to a file and use it with Numbers or for database import

AppleScript Extension

Connect with other applications on your Mac. There are unlimited capabilities.

Keep Things Together

Timelines help you to bring things together and allow you to track work-times concurrently. Assign clients to timelines, set individual goals and switch between them automatically, based on your current location.

There is so Much More

Minco is packed with professional and cool features you don’t want to miss after using it.

International Currency Support

Minco supports currencies natively and is capable to convert currencies in exports.

Notification Center Integration

Get notified if your Mac is on idle or if you forgot to start tracking your time.

Global and Local Shortcuts

Quick access the functionality you need with free configurable shortcuts.

OS X Contacts integration

Assign Contacts to timelines. Address informations get updated automatically.

Timeline Goals

Define time goals per day or per month to keep track of remaining time for a project.

Configurable counter display

Daily, weekly, monthly. Get the information you need.

Multiple Timer

Work on different timelines at the same time.

Retina and OS X Yosemite ready

Minco is ready for Mac OS X Yosemite and supports Retina displays.

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We Like to Hear from You

Regardless if you just heard about Minco or if you are an existing user. We have always an open ear for your questions, suggestions, and if you need help. We appreciate any feedback and are happy to hear from you.

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What You Should Know


Minco 2 requires Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Intel-64 Bit

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