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Time Tracker For Mac OS X

Minco is a lightweight application for tracking time spent working on your Mac.

The seamless integration with OS X Reminders allows you to easily add tasks in any supporting application and device. Ready to work, Minco sits in your menu bar and it's only a click to start tracking your time. Minco will visualize your time spent working in OS X Calendar application and also write records on your hard drive. The flexible output adapter allows you to generate customized files to proceed with invoicing or data analysis.

Time tracking on Mac OS X has never been easier.


Features at a glance

Add, edit and Complete

Add, edit and complete your tasks in Minco. The flip-side of Minco allows you to access and edit all task parameter.

Reminder Integration.

Use tasks from OS X Reminders on your Mac or iPhone. Tasks will stay in sync on multiple devices.

Flexible Counter Display

Minco can show you the elapsed time or the revenue per work-time, task, task and day, day, month and year.

CSV export

Export automatically your work-times in real time or group work-times and write them when a task is completed.

Visualize in Calendar

With the Calendar adapter, Minco can visualize your work-times in realtime. Edit work-times by changing the start time and duration.

Flexible Output Adapter

Customize the output with placeholder token. Include information based on your current time-zone, location, and Wi-Fi network.

Gorgeous lightweight GUI

Minco is a minimalist time tracker well designed and easy to use.It sits in your menu bar ready to work.

Tag Support

Words prefixed with @ in the title of a task will be recognized as tag. Tags assigned to a task can affect resulting revenues.

For Professionals

Connect to a web-service or use the generated CSV files for automated import in SQL databases, and in enterprise accounting systems.

Release Notes...
OS: Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), Compatibility: Intel-64 Bit, Languages: English

"It’s a slick utility and a wise choice for anyone seeking a better way to track how time is spent."

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