Minco, Webbla, what’s next …

Yesterday, after a long time we have updated Minco to version 1.4 but there is no update for the Mac App Store available for now.

The reason for the delay is that we are working since long on a major version of Minco.
We did not plan to add new features to the current version but since we are still not ready with the new version we have decided to do so. To update the App Store version is simply not possible at this time since Apple would reject it referring to the existing Sandboxing restrictions. If you have a valid App Store license you can drop us a mail and we can help you with a non App Store license you can use in the meanwhile.

The delay have different reasons.

First we want to add a lot of new features and a remarkable user interface to make Minco a brand new, outstanding, top of the notch Time Tracker for Mac.

Another reason is that we are working parallel on an iOS version which should seamlessly sync with Minco for Mac.
We have spend so much hours in Core Data iCloud syncing but it turned out that it is currently not working as expected and the right technology to use. It “just does not work” and we don’t want to run in the same problems and disappoint our user with syncing issues. There are currently a lot of developer removing iCloud sync from there applications waiting on Apple to do there homework and make it work as promised since years.

We also had some other important projects in the last month which took us a loot more time as expected. We are already seeing land now and should be able to finalise things during the next weeks to streamline the development of our products even more.

Don’t worry if you have purchased Minco in the last weeks or month and don’t be afraid that you have to spend much money for the new version when it will be released. We will see for a very user friendly update solution for you.

But there is more.

On the other side there is Webbla, our bookmark manager for Mac.
Webbla like Minco did not get any updates since a long time and it’s for the same reasons.

Webbla 2.0 is in an advanced state and the new features, performance and user interface will leave existing bookmark manager light years behind him.

We are sure that you will be surprised and that it was worth to wait.

To shorten the time until release I will give more information and post some screenshots in the next days to keep you updated.

You are also welcome to follow us un Twitter to be updated on new releases and news.


Take care, Marc

21 thoughts on Minco, Webbla, what’s next …

  1. I loved Webbla… four years or so ago when I got it. Truly there aren’t any bookmarking apps that have come in that time-frame that are better, imo, than Webbla but the lack of updates kept me weary of getting to close and comfy for Webbla to disappear on me with the next major OS update.

    I am very glad that Webbla 2.0 is more than on the books and is actually leaning more towards a finished product! I can’t wait to see what new goodies have been thrown in and hopefully you will give those who are interested a chance to beta test the app so we can help smooth out any bumps and give you our take on the experience before the app is solidified, branded 2.0, and sold.

    I hope you will offer Webbla directly through your website. I simply can’t justify giving Apple money that should have gone into your pocket. Keep up the good work and let’s see some screenshots and teasers!

  2. Thanks for your comments,

    I will definitively post some screenshots in the next days.


  3. My deepest apologies for the delay.
    Believe me I am disappointed too.

    We have just released a (not planned) 1.5 Minco version which finally addresses all the occurring issues concerning Mavericks.
    Further news will follow soon.

  4. Perhaps a preview release would be nice!!
    We have March now!

  5. Hi George,

    in March it will definitively happen.


  6. My apologies for the long waiting time.
    I’m still convinced that we are able to present a preview release for Minco 2 until the end of the month.

    We had to reconsider so many things to come to a state that we think all our user will like.
    Surely we are late but what we are trying to do is to invent a new generation of time tracking app and this of course, needs some time.


  7. What’s the state of Webbla 2.0 at the moment? I like Webbla, but it still is lacking some important features.

  8. Thanks for your comment.
    We are currently very busy to complete Minco 2.
    If we are done we will focus to 100% on Webbla 2.

    I would be interested to now about the features you are missing maybe there are already implemented in Webbla 2.


  9. I would like to search for collections. Especially filtering out bookmarks which are not attributed to any collection. Also I would like to erase the attribution of collections from a bookmark.

  10. Thanks for your reply.

    If you are working with many collections than I assume that Webbla 2 you really will like.
    Collection search will be possible and we have also added a browser view (like Finder columns view) for collections.

    In the current version you can easily remove a bookmark from a collection by hitting the delete key (if a collection is selected and not All bookmarks ). The bookmark will be still in the Library. I have just recognised that the context menu is misleading in this case. It appears “Delete” but should be “Remove from collection”. Bookmarks are only associated to a collection in Webbla and are not a copy of a bookmark. Of course with the disadvantage that we can not sort.

    I will check if it will not be to complicated to offer a Smart Group option to filter bookmarks without associated collection.


  11. That’s good news. Is there already a planned release date for Webbla 2?

  12. Hi, thanks for your comment.
    After the release of Minco 2 I will focus all my energy on Webbla 2.
    Since there is already so much done I expect that late summer 2014 could be realistic.

  13. Hey Man – still waiting on a proper update > Give us something…..

  14. I will, I will but you still have to wait …

  15. Thanks for letting me know, but I am still working on. I promise it will come.

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