Minco for iOS is coming…

We are working currently day and night on Minco for iOS and hope we will be able to offer the best time tracking experience on iOS ever.

In the final state Minco for iOS will seamlessly sync with Minco on your Mac.

On weekend we have just finalised the app icon and we hope that you will like it as much as we do.

For sure, there are also other great things we are working on and we have spend tons of hours over the last month working on the all new Webbla 2.0 with an amazing new GUI and Minco for Mac.



6 thoughts on Minco for iOS is coming…

  1. Maybe you could give us some more regular updates about the current state and plans?

  2. I will prepare some and will try to give regular updates from next week.

  3. Love Webbla and can’t wait for 2.0. Only thing that bothers me in version 1 is case-sensitive tag completion. Wish I shouldn’t have to think if I tagged something with titlecase or lowercase. Hope this changes in 2.0. Thanks for listening.

  4. Sometimes you get interrupted in the work you do and you have to focus on other tasks. This is what has happened here. Now we are ready with Minco 2 for Mac and will focus on Webbla 2 and Minco for iOS for the rest of the year.

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