New more Aggressive Pricing for Webbla

As of today Webbla will be available at a price of $11.99.

With the new pricing strategy we try to bring Webbla into more users’ hands and it’s an adjustment to satisfy the new market since the Mac App Store enabled us to reach more customer.

If you have purchased Webbla in the last view days we will offer you a free license for one of our other products.

3 thoughts on New more Aggressive Pricing for Webbla

  1. Hum, no reply here, but seems like the price has gone back up. Strange, it now is double the price… ??

    Also, any news on the 2.0 version? will buying the current version enable us to upgrade for free to the 2.0 version?


  2. We did not get the expected sales to compensate the lower price. Version 2.0 is still in work. It turned out that iCloud support is much more difficult and we got the same problems as many other developer too.

    We will not charge someone who have just purchased version 1.x after some weeks for an major update but the final upgrade conditions are not decided this time.

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