Webbla and Minco on Promotion for a Limited Time.

We are celebrating the Christmas New Year holidays and offer Webbla and Minco on promotional price for a limited time in the Mac App Store.

50% off for Webbla if you purchase in the Mac App Store.
30% off for Minco if you purchase in the Mac App Store.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2012.


4 thoughts on Webbla and Minco on Promotion for a Limited Time.

  1. Any news on the approval process in the Mac App Store for version 1.5.1? It might be relevant for people using pinboard.in that the current version of Webbla in the Mac App Store doesn’t support pinboard.in (or delicious).

  2. Webbla was rejected since our preview generation helper app write it’s own preference file and thereby validate against the Mac App Store rules.
    Since this happened automatically when we restrict Webbla not to use the global favicon database (with is also a App Store restriction) we are currently in contact with Apple to see for a way we can go.

    If you have purchased Webbla in the App Store and are waiting for the new functionality and improvements we can offer you a license for the non App Store version you can use in the meanwhile.

    Best regards and Happy New Year,


  3. The discount was only for a limited time.

    If you would like to be informed on upcoming promotions you can follow us on Twitter.

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