Tubbler 1.3, Play YouTube Movies without Flash on Mac OSX

With Tumbler 1.3 you can choose if you like to use direct HTML5 streaming or the Flash plug in for video playback.

What are the pro’s and con’s ?

– YouTube HTML5 streaming

If you decide to use the HTML5 streaming mode for YouTube streaming what will be definitively the preferred player mode you will benefit from less cpu consumption during video playback and thereby a longer battery live if you are on a MacBook.

In our tests we noted that it take a little bit longer until the videos are ready but this may improve over the time.

– Flash Player video playback

The flash player playback seams currently to be more stabile and videos are ready to play in less time. On the other side your Mac will have to work much harder and CPU consumption will be about 400% more than in the HTML5 streaming mode.

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