Tubbler Version 1.3 Release Notes

  • New: Playback without Flash Player installed.
  • New: Player Mode -> Automatic / Flash Player.
  • Other Bug fixes and improvements.

4 thoughts on Tubbler Version 1.3 Release Notes

  1. Hi, there is a bug that very annoying me since 1.3 release until 1.3.1, it kind of now playing continuously for the playlist. and that, youtube hot-link, sometime is stuck on the screen. I prefer to use 1.2 because of this.
    thanks for this

  2. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are not aware of this problem.

    I assume that it’s a problem with the new HTML 5 Streaming. If you change the player mode in menu Tubbler -> Play Mode Tubbler 1.3.x should work as before.
    If possible please send us more details on the bug that we can try to fix it.

  3. Trying to drag a movie URL to Tubbler yields only “Invalid parameters.” Perhaps this has something to do with Youtube.com’s recent overhaul?

  4. Thanks, we will check it and try to fix it with an update.

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