Minco Version 1.3.2 Release Notes

  • Improved: URL field editing.
  • Improved: Only task enabled calendar are displayed.
  • Bug: Startscreen settings.
  • Other Bug fixes and improvements.

17 thoughts on Minco Version 1.3.2 Release Notes

  1. I am using an iCloud. I get an error message “The Calendar X does not support tasks” and then it defaults to a local calendar. I know that I am using beta software but do you know of a fix or reason for this that I can work with now?



  2. Normally Minco should work well with iCloud. Minco 1.3.2 will only display (Reminder) calendar which are able to handle tasks.
    Is the calendar you would like to use listed in Minco -> Preferences -> Calendar ?

  3. We are developing our applications on Lion but Minco should still work with Snow Leopard.

    If you have any concerns feel free and use our 15 days trial.

  4. With iCloud a new calendar don’t get a reminder. The list of reminders and the list of calendars are now independent. That’s why i can’t make a new calendar to work with minco …

  5. Apple separated calendar for tasks ( “Reminder” calendar ) from the other calendars but you can easily create new “Reminder” calendar in iCal.

  6. When I try to add any task (with special calendar in Reminders or not) it keeps telling me “You can’t add, remove, or modify reminders in the RANDOM_CALENDAR_NAME calendar.” until I kill it.

  7. I think the problem is that Apple has changed the calendar functionality in iCal.
    Before it was possible to use one calendar to add tasks and events.
    This has changed now. There are “Reminder” calendar to handle tasks and the normal calendar to handle events.

    If you have used a non “Reminder” calendar before the migration to iCloud this could be a issue.

    Please try to remove the preferences of Minco ~/Library/Preferences/com.celmaro.Minco.plist.

  8. I see that a calendar named My Day was created on the mac. I’d rather have an iCloud calendar for my time tracking than one on my desktop.

  9. To change the time of a Reminder event you can simply drag the start or end of the event in iCal. If you need a finer time adjustment open the detail panel of the event and enter the exact time value. If you have any questions let us know.

  10. To get the calendar which Minco use to write the work-time events (by degaussed named “My Day” ) on iCloud, first create a calendar on iCloud and then enter the name of the calendar in the iCal adapter settings calendar field in Minco. That Minco can connect to the new created calendar you may have to rename the calendar in the calendar adapter temporary to something else that Minco is able to connect to the new calendar. If you have any questions let us know.

  11. Is there any work-around for enabling (new) calendars for the tasklist?
    Now only with old (iCal4) Calendars I can drop the done tasks in the right calendar?

  12. Since iCloud you have Reminder (Task/ToDo) and Event calendar in iCal. If you need a new Reminder (Task/ToDo) calendar you can create a new in iCal with -> Menu – > File – > New Reminder List. If you have any questions let me know.

  13. Hi
    I’ve got a working iCloud calendar system with 5 calendars and corresponding reminders.
    This 5 calendars also are represented in Minco’s preferences.
    Creating new tasks in Minco does work, inclusive choosing the calendar (which defines reminder calendar)
    BUT when I start one of the reminders in Minco, Minco is always creating the event in the same one calendar defined in the preferences. WHY?
    It doesn’t make sence to manage another Minco-calendar when the reminders to use to start events define the calendar the belong to.
    Can’t you give the possibility to Minco to write the event into the calendar defined by the reminder?
    Should be no problem, since when you can use 1 calendar manually defined you for sure can use the calendar defined by the reminder.

    This also will make it possible to have an quick overview of time spent for each calendar which may represent customers.

    Thank you for a short comment to my question.

  14. Hi André,

    You can define the calendar Minco use to write the work-time events in Minco>Preferences>Adapter>iCal.
    Drag the calendar token in the calendar name field and Minco will use the calendar of the task.

    The only problem is that with Lion Apple decided to separate calendar in Reminder calendar and Event calendar. This means that it is not possible to write a work-time Event in the Reminder calendar. The only solution is that you create a Event calendar with the same name as the Reminder calendar that Minco can use. Since it is not possible to have too calendar named the same in the same account you will have to extend the name the Event calendar e.g. with a dot and to add the dot in the Minco>Preferences>Adapter>iCal calendar name field behind the calendar token.

    We know that this is very complicated now but unfortunately a result of the changes done by Apple.

    If you need further information please send me a direct support mail.


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