Webbla 1.5 public beta available for download

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of Webbla 1.5 public beta for download. The long awaited version with Delicious and Pinboard support is now available for the public.

So what’s new in Webbla 1.5:

  • The new integrated Delicious and Pinboard adapter synchronize bookmarks seamlessly in the background and help to organize, share or exchange bookmarks on social bookmarking web services. You are now able to add one or more Delicious and Pinboard accounts to Webbla. After you have created an account in Webbla, your bookmarks will be synct into Webbla. Any edit you make in bookmarks associated to your account will be instantly synct.
  • Webbla 1.5 also introduces a completely new designed sidebar which contains a Library, Recent, Collections and Sharing section. The Recent section offers a new integrated trash functionality which make it easier to recover deleted bookmarks.
  • Thumbnail generation is now working completely in background and will not interfere with any user actions in Webbla.
  • We have optimized the grid view to make it faster to scroll, preview, and search bookmarks.
Webbla 1.5 is a free update for all existing customer.

26 thoughts on Webbla 1.5 public beta available for download

  1. Great! Where can I download Webbla 1.5 Beta?

  2. Yes, Webbla will support Google Chrome too.

  3. Following recommended procedure:

    > Marc Mai 1st, 2011 at 11:29 am
    > I recommend the following steps for migration.
    > 1.) remove the Delicious account from Webbla.
    > 2.) follow the steps on Delicious to activate the new account.
    > 3.) add a new (Old school) Delicious account to Webbla.
    > I have migrated one of our test accounts and all was working fine.
    > No there is currently no way to find it out, but if it was a Yahoo ID
    > account it will not work after you have

    I’m getting repeated “Could not merge changes” messages in Webbla v1520



  4. Hi Bob,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    The “Could not merge changes” message is not related to the Delicious account migration.
    What is the last action you take before you get the massage.


  5. Upgraded Webbla through the application (Get Info in Finder shows version, but it did not relaunch successfully—just bounces in the dock and then freezes. Downloaded a clean copy from the website, but with the same result. The console shows this, for the record:

    “5/23/11 7:45:38 PM – quicklookd32[11931] – [QL] ‘Creating thumbnail’ timed out for ” (Start date: 2011-05-23 19:45:18 -0400)”

    Is there anything I can do to give it a kick over the edge? Failing that, is there a way I can get hold of a copy of 1.4.x again?


  6. Erp. I spoke too soon. Looks like it’s running, after letting it sit for a while. I have over 1600 bookmarks; I guess it was updating its database for a bit?

  7. Webbla 1.5 is currently in public beta and will not be accepted in the App Store.
    If we are ready to release the final version it will take about two weeks until availability.

    If you would like to use Webbla 1.5 instantly and are the owner of a App Store license don’t hesitate to contact me to retrieve a non App Store license.


  8. Hi,

    I am also being plagued by the “Could not merge changes” alert. I had just installed my Pinboard account and that happened successfully. I believe that I started getting the message when I right-clicked on a site and selected “Refresh Website Preview”.


  9. Looks like restarting the app may have solved the “Could not merge changes” problem for me, at least. I should have tried that first…

  10. Thanks Brian,
    If the problem will occur again let me know.


  11. There appears to be no Chrome functionality in the 1.5 beta. Are there instructions on how to enable a Chrime plugin?

    PS Running on Lion DP4+update and Webbla seems to be working fairly well (though I admit I don’t use it much anymore as it does not have a Chroma plugin, rendering it cumbersome at best).

  12. Still checking webla, but getting more and more convinced to buy a copy.

    I’m wondering what the Sharing tab is for. I can’t find it back in the help.

    Is there a way to keep bookmarks made with Webla on 2 different computers synchronized?


  13. Webbla can sync bookmarks with your Delicious or Pinboard account. In the sharing tab you will see the accounts related to the bookmark.

    Help is not up to date in Webbla 1.5 beta but will be updated in near future.

  14. Thanks for the quick reply!

    What about a way to keep bookmarks made with Webla on 2 different computers synchronized?

  15. Currently you can place your bookmark library in a DropBox folder or on your iDisk with a symbolic link (see other blog entry) but it’s not direct supported since it’s only usable if you follow the rule to open the database only on one Mac.

    It’s planned to support Safari Sync Services in a later version and we consider to make Webbla work with iCloud too.

  16. Having an issue on Lion. I open Webbla and it starts bouncing. It keeps this up for a while and then comes to rest. The icon stays on the dock but Webbla doesn’t actually open. “Application not Responding”.

  17. We can not reproduce the problem with Lion and Webbla 1.5. Please try to download a fresh copy of Webbla. Maybe the current version is corrupted.
    You can also try to remove the preferences of Webbla located in ~/Library/Preferences/com.celmaro.webbla.plist.
    To make the Library folder visible in Lion open the Terminal application and type “open Library”
    If you will still have problems please send a mail to our support.

  18. I bought the App Store Webbla few weeks ago, now I have installed Webbla Lion and closes constantly and I can not use it. I downloaded a beta of 1.5 and it seems that is not closed. You have a solution?

  19. We did not have any issue concerning Webbla 1.4.x and Lion but if you would like I can send you a non App Store license to use Webbla 1.5.
    Please send me a mail including the name and email to register on and a proof of purchase that I can generate a license for you.

  20. Do not touch this product with a bargepole. I have been discussing with Marc of Celmaro how to make it work with SnowLeopard. It starts to take over my machine and generates masses of error messages. So far no solution from Celmaro. Therefore I have today requested refund of price paid. Not so sunny with this product as in Mauritius.

  21. Consider that you are using a beta version and are the only user with this problem.

  22. Not yet but it will come definitely in a further version.

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