Customer Reviews and Ratings on the Mac App Store

We got bad reviews and ratings on our products in the Mac App Store. Statements we can not reproduce from customer we don’t know and who have never written a support request to us.

We would like to encourage you to write us a support request if you get problems with an application to investigate the true reason with us. Consider that Apple would not have approved our applications if there would be any existing problems like crushing.

We can not understand that someone take the time to write a review, without even having time to drop us a line with a request for help.

We would also appreciate to see reviews and ratings from user which are happy with our products.



3 thoughts on Customer Reviews and Ratings on the Mac App Store

  1. Perhaps it’s an interface-problem. Many other apps/app-hps have a support/complaint/help forum. My first impulse when there’s a problem is to check such forums if it’s a known issue or if there’s a workaround, or if I just misunderstood the interface .. etc.

    The feedback-form is very blackbox and one-way in comparison. And an all-or-nothing thing.

    Still, I’ll go and use it now I think (stupid iCal-Upgrade broke logging to the corresponding calendars).

  2. Hi guys,

    from my experience the Celmaro Team has always and really fast answered my feature or support requests. Just give it a try, it’s easier then you might think! 🙂


    P.S.: Looking forward to the next Minco release!!!

  3. For sure. We do our best for our customer.

    High quality software and support.

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