20 thoughts on Minco Version 1.1.1 Release Notes

  1. Looking at this piece of software and it looks awesome. I am so tired from OfficeTime and it’s lack of elegance and bugs. It thinks I’m being idle if I type only on keyboard.

    I have high hopes for Minco. First impression is awesome.

  2. Oh oh … so lovely.

    Minor suggestion – Mac+Option+drag works on other icons and lets me rearrange them, but not minco. Could you add support for dragging it around? Thanks!

  3. Mac+Option+drag works only with Icons from Apple. There is no official API from Apple to support this.

  4. First, compliments for this time tracker. It works perfect with Things.
    I hope you are also making an iPad version.

  5. We have started to work on Minco for iPhone but a iPad version will also follow.

  6. I recently upgraded to the MobileMe version of iCal.

    Now Minco can’t find calendars when timer starts running. Calendars show up in Preferences, but when I start the timer a yellow warning symbol appears next to the running timer. When I click on the yellow icon the Publish preference appears and it says Calendar not found.

    Please help



  7. Hi Bob,

    To avoid the problem with MobileMe you must rename the calendar in Minco preferences iCal.


  8. Marc, there’s no way to rename the calendar in the Minco Preferences iCal section. I’m having this problem, too. What should I do?


  9. Hi Jordan,

    Try with Minco 1.1.2. This issue should be fixed now.


  10. Hi Jordan

    Try Preference > Publish > Select iCal and double click to open. In the Calendar field type a new name. I used Minco.

    Now in iCal there is a calendar ON MY MAC named Minco. The old “My day” (previous default) calendar is still in the ME@ME.COM section


  11. The problem is still not fixed in Minco 1.1.2. I use the token “Calendar” for the calendar field (drag it directly in in Preferences), because I like separating my tasks. Previously this worked perfectly; now with the new MoblieMe, since the calendars are under their own category and not “On My Mac,” I’m still getting the calendar not found error.

  12. If your tasks are still associated with the calendars in “On My Mac” this could be a reason. Can you try to drag the tasks in iCal to the corresponding calendars in your MobileMe account.

  13. I have the same issue. Try to sync my Minco tasks with a MobileMe Calendar but it only creates a “ON MY MAC ” one which is useless. Is there any step by step explanation? Thank you! (ps: amazing job anyway, this application is beautiful)

  14. More precisely I can’t delete my “ON MY MAC”s calendar, if I do it I got the following message “Calendar not found”

  15. Hi,

    You can change the calendar “On My Mac” in Minco->Preferences->Adapter (iCal). Enter the name of the calendar you would like to use in the calendar field or drag the calendar token in the field to publish work times in the original calendar of the task. If you have any questions please send me a mail.


  16. So I am using Minco on 2 Computers is there no way of just enabling the save for each timer to default to the actual calendar? Rather than using the ‘My Day’ or ‘working’ as I now have on this computer. I assume the actual hours and calculations will still work and sync across the 2 computers using MobileMe?

  17. PS great time tracker app, I also wanted to know that if you delete a record on the calendar, is there any way of syncing this back to Minco?

  18. To write work-times in the default calendar of the task use the calendar token in the iCal adapter panel for the calendar field. Your work-times will be exposed in the calendar and synced via MobileMe. There is currently no way to sync internal work times in Minco on a direct way. You could place the log database of Minco on your iDisk or in a DropBox folder with a symbolic link but you have to take care not to access the file from different devices at the same time.

  19. With version 1.3 it’s possible to add, edit and delete work-time events in iCal and automatically sync it back to Minco. I am just finalizing the help files ant it will be released in the next days.

  20. I look forward to 1.3 it really is a great app for time tracking 🙂 thanks again..

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