Webbla 1.2 released

Webbla 1.2 offers mainly improvements in usability.

The most features are originated on feature requests and user feedback.

Thanks to all and hope you will enjoy the new face of bookmark managing on the Mac.


GUI Layout

As there were many requests that the note and tag field is too small and the background color of the detail view was too difficult to read, we decided to give the details a new place on the right of the main window. This area, you can resize as you like to give your notes and tags the place they need. With Webbla 1.2 it is also possible to hide the bookmark preview on the top to give the hole space to the grid or table view.

Improved search
If you are using the search field in the Toolbar you will recognize a similar search behavior as iTunes offer. You can separate words by space and Webbla will return the bookmarks including all your words. Refer to the General preference to decide if you would like to include the website content and the note field in the all search.

Bookmark preview generator
We have optimized the preview generator to reduce the use of system recourses. It is also possible to update the preview without any website changes and to set a sensitivity level which controls when websites will be marked as updated.

Smart Collections
In smart collections you can specify now a filter to determine bookmarks which are tagged or untagged

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