Plug Spy 2 released and Available in the Mac App Store


Today we have released the final version of Plug Spy 2.

Plug Spy 2 is available on the Mac App Store from today and can be purchased on discount for a limited time. If you are already using Plug Spy 1 you can drop us a mail to get a free license for version 2.

Plug Spy 2 includes a lot of improvements. Most remarkable are the Action-Sets based on rules and the Twitter action. There are also plenty of other improvements like activation on screen lock and that snapshots can be saved anywhere in the file system. We have already tons of ideas for new sensors and actions which will be included in further versions. We have also plans for an iOS app to get snapshots and notifications, monitor the location of your Mac  and more. Of course there will be an Apple Watch application as well that you can get any notification instantly on your wirst.

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