Tubbler Version 1.7 Release Notes

  • New: Paste Youtube movies via shortcut.
  • Fix: Timeout issue
  • Other Bug fixes and improvements.

7 thoughts on Tubbler Version 1.7 Release Notes

  1. I’m happy to find this so useful, efficient program today.
    Thank you so much for your work.

    And, I miss following features
    1. a feature that add all movies in playlist at once.
    2. a feature to delete movie in ‘All videos’ list.

    Anyway, the Tubbler makes me happy as itself, now.
    Thank you!!

  2. Hi and thanks for you comment.
    Dragging a playlist into tumbler to add all movies should already work. It it will not work please send me an example link and I will see what I can do. Delete a movie from the “All videos” is currently some hidden but you can do it by selecting the movie and pressing the backspace key.

    Best, Marc

  3. thank you for your answer.
    I will try with the playlists and report the results.

    See you.
    Best, SHLee

  4. any chance to get the keyboard back/play/forward buttons to work with the app?

  5. I am not sure but I was trying this before and since it will not integrate well with iTunes I did not support it.
    Will take a further look when I work on Tubbler 2.


  6. Hi, first of all great App and good job. It is a very easy to use app!
    I have a couple suggestions if your not working on it already…
    * Is it possible to add a feature to search for a youtube video (or playlist) directly from the app instead of going to youtube.com and add it to the player?
    * Also, is it possible to add a feature of “auto play” in case i added a video and it will play the next suggested video like youtube does?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Nice app but fails at the most basic function: Airplay. If supported, I can’t figure out how. Is there a way to send the youtube video to an airplay-supported device from within the app, like Safari does? Thx!

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