Our Objectives 2015

First of all, I would like to wish a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015.
We are back at work now and I would like to share some thoughts and our objectives for the new year.

2014 has gone so fast that we where not able to achieve all our goals. It seams really like life is passing in a hurry and something is stealing our time.

Minco 2

Still in beta and to finalise but there can be a significant change.
We are evaluating if we are going to offer a more basic version which is more similar to Minco 1.

Currently the acceptance and sales are far behind our expectations. Our current thoughts are that it was a fault to add to much new functionality and making Minco more complex. A ui refresh plus adopting the latest frameworks would have satisfy most of the current existing user.
The concept and idea currently in Minco 2 will be extended and return in a further extended and renamed, new product.

Webbla 2

As promised we have continued working on it last year. After examining the concept we have started we are trying to combine it with the new Yosemite ui by adopting the latest technologies. More infos and the possibility to register for a prerelease version will follow soon.


Plug-Spy is getting a small update in the next days with some bugfixes which where reported in the last weeks. There is also a major update planned for later this year.


Not getting bigger feature updates for a long time Tubbler can be considered to be currently our most downloaded product. There seems to be a huge request for a YouTube player on the Mac with additional functionality. We have already started to work on a brand new version with a lot of useful features. Of course we have to set our priority on our payed products but we try to come with something up during this year.

iOS Development

To release a app in the App Store is like playing lottery for an independent software developer. With about 1000 new apps released every day it’s tricky to get a small pice from the big cake which is shared between a handful big companies and one or two others.
I was exited when we released our kid’s learning app Smachico in December 2010. Unfortunately I was not able to find it by myself after I got a notification from Apple that it is approved and available in the App Store. After digging around for some hours I finally found it in the new releases on page 10. This experience was enough to keep me away releasing further apps for myself. Of course I have worked a lot with iOS as well but every year you have to renew 40% of your knowledge to keep up to date with the newest and latest technologies.

Minco for iOS was already finalised and submitted to the App Store in 2012. After playing around some days I have finally rejected it to complete Minco 2 for Mac OS X before.

There are a lot of ideas we would like to work on especially in the relation with the tiny island we are currently living on and there is also a working concept for a cool game.


We are recognising significant changes in the Mac software market over the last years and it seems much harder to get the right audience appreciating valuable software.

Posts like in the blog of Hog Bay Software and the letter presented when you arrive on the website of Realmac Software are making me concerned.




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