Minco 1 -> Minco 2 Upgrade Pricing

The final version of Minco 2 is planned to be released next month.

Currently you can purchase a pre-release version of Minco 2 at a reduced price. This offer will be valide until final release.

If you already owner a license for Minco 1 you can upgrade to the non App Store version at a reduced price (50% off) even at a later time. For Mac App Store purchases or if you want to upgrade to a App Store license we will offer Minco 2 on availability for a limited time at a reduced price. Please check our blog regularly or follow us on twitter to get noted when you can get the discount.

If you have purchased Minco 1 during the last 12 month you will get a Minco 2 license for free. In this case, please send us your registration data that we can send a license to you.


2 thoughts on Minco 1 -> Minco 2 Upgrade Pricing

  1. I would like to see your prices listed. It seems like a simple way to honestly let potential customers like me know what your product is about. Without the pricing, the presentation seems less than honest.

  2. Hi Stuart,

    Normally the price will be listed when you press the bup button and open the purchase overlay. In the final version in trial mode the price will be presented after each application start.

    Currently you can purchase a full version of Minco 50% off for $10 (during beta, preview version). The final price will be $20 or equivalent. Owner of a Minco 1 license can upgrade for $10 at any time. If you have purchased Minco 1 after Sept. 2013 the upgrade will be free.

    There should be already a topic on this in our blog but hope this is answering your question.



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