Minco2 beta 4

Minco 2 beta 4 was already released a couple of weeks ago.


We have currently about 150 user testing the preview version of Minco 2. Since the feedback is very poor what can mean “everybody is completely satisfied” or “no one is interested in using this pice of crap” I decided to let the current beta expire.

The next beta is only send to user reporting this issue.

Beta 5 is also considered to be the last beta and Minco 2 will definitively be finalised in September to go on sale.



4 thoughts on Minco2 beta 4

  1. Hi

    Apologies if as one of the testers my feedback was slow.

    Here is my recommendation, what I’ve seen some other projects do. Create a free github project with a dummy repository and use issue tracker for bug reports.

    This should help us see if the problems we have sent you have been addressed and if you had enough information and also would help beta-testers engage in the conversation.

    My current version is expired and I am not even sure which version it is. When you packaging them, you should probably call them beta3, etc.

    I am still using Minco1 on a daily basis to track my time, but trying to replicate the same functionality with Minco2 resulted in crashes, so I had to go back.

  2. Hi Romans,

    Not at all. Your feedback was always detailed and appreciated.
    There was already a beta channel at macdeveloper.net to manage the feedback and bug reports in a more organised way.
    Feedback was so low so I decided to close the channel after 4 weeks. 🙁

    We have added the Sparkle framework so I was assuming that new versions where distributed automatically.
    I will start with an open beta in the next days and see if I will go with an public feedback solution or not.

    There is an known issue with EventKit which result in a crash. Unfortunately Apple has fixed the issue until now only in Yosemite.
    If it will be fixed in 10.9.5 is unknown.

    Best Marc

  3. I’m one of the ones who was not leaving any feedback.
    My only excuse is that I haven’t had any projects to time track since the beta started.

    Eagerly awaiting the release!

  4. No problem at all. In the meanwhile Minco 2 is a public beta so you can try the newest version whenever you want.

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