Webbla is a visual bookmark manager for macOS. It extends the basic bookmarking functionality of your web browser with tagging, collections and notes. Keep track of website changes and share bookmarks seamlessly on social bookmarking websites like Delicious and Pinboard.

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Visual Bookmarks

Instead of remembering your bookmarks by title, Webbla gives you a new way to remember them visually.

Get Control of Your Bookmarks

Drop bookmarks into collections and define smart groups to organise them automatically based on rules. Use tags for further categorization and access them with the beautiful tag stripe.

Share and Store Bookmarks 

Connect Webbla with your account on a social bookmarking website to share and save bookmarks in the cloud. Webbla supports Delicious and Pinboard and synchronize bookmarks seamlessly in the background.

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There is Even More

Webbla is packed with awesome and cool features you don’t want to miss after using it.

Monitor Websites

Webbla automaticaly checks for site changes and marks bookmarks as updated.

Spotlight Support

Use Spotlight to access your bookmarks right in in macOS without starting Webbla.

Finder Coverflow

Flip through your bookmarks in the Finder the way you flip through your other documents.


Add and modify bookmarks from the toolbar of your favorite web browser. Safari, Firefox

Browser Support

Shortcuts and bookmarklets allows you to add and modify bookmarks on the fly.

Webloc Import

Drag folders or multiple Webloc files on Webbla to import them.


Open bookmarks with any application supporting Apple Script the way you want.

Search for content

Webbla keeps a copy of the website content and let you search on it.

We Like to Hear from You

Regardless if you just heard about Webbla or if you are an existing user. We have always an open ear for your questions, suggestions, or if you need help. We appreciate any feedback and are happy to hear from you.

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What You Should Know


Webbla requires Mac OS X 10.6 up to macOS Mojave 10.14

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