Plug-Spy 1.4 Released. Now with Boxcar 2, Pushover and Growl support

We have just released Plug-Spy 1.4 with some significant changes concerning the boxcar api.

Plug-Spy  is now supporting boxcar 2. Boxcar 1 server will shut down very soon so please hurry up and download Plug-Spy 1.4 to continue using the service. We have also added a Pushover in the new version and have sandboxed the App.


Now you have 3 possibilities to send notifications to your iPhone.

Boxcar 2: Boxcar for iPhone is a free application. Check out the App Store for more informations.

Pushover: Pushover  for will cost you some bucks. We got some user requests so it’s supported now.

Growl: Growl is available in the Mac App Store and a state of the art notification central for Mac since a very long time.

You can use Growl together with Plug Spy to send Notifications to to the Prowl app for iOS.

There is also the possibility to configure email notifications and SMS in the Growl applications if you are looking for an alternatives to get informed.


Plug-Spy 1.4 is also submitted to the Mac App Store but I don’t have any idea if Apple will approve the app and how long it will take.

If you have purchased Plug-Sply in the App Store and would like to use the non App Store version in the meanwhile, please let me know.


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